Cet évènement est passé.

Palestine, Belgium / 2020 / Colour / super 8, 35mm, HD, Stereo / 23 minutes

On a land perpetually threatened by colonial appropriation, the transmission of history and narratives plays a peculiar and vital role. ‘The Sun and the Looking Glass – for one easily forgets but the tree remembers’ is an essay-film which paints a portrait of a place on a hill above Ein Qiniya, a Palestinian village in the West Bank, with two houses from the late Ottoman period. Looking at the objects uncovered during their renovations through a magnifying lens, the film performs the creation of narratives, through dynamic processes of revelation and disappearance.

directed by Milena Desse / cinematography: Mash3al Kawasmi and Milena Desse / sound recording: Montaser Abu Alul, Chloe Despax and Sylvie Bouteiller / editing: Milena Desse / sound design and mixing: Sylvie Bouteiller / produced by: Milena Desse / consultant producer: Mohanad Yaqubi (Idioms film)


⚠ max 25 persons